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There’s a reason Owyhee Family Dental is in Homedale, Idaho. There’s a reason we serve the wonderful people of Homedale, Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton, Parma, Weiser, Marsing, Nyssa, Adrian and Jordan Valley.

It’s because we like it here. We like the pace of life, the smell of the fruit orchards, the sound of migrating geese and the colors of the sunsets. We like the people we live with, bump into at the grocery store, sit next to on the bleachers at school events and serve in our dental office.

We love the warm, confident smiles we receive when patients become friends. And that’s why we love what we do at Owyhee Family Dental.

Dentistry is about more than Healthy Smiles

When Dr. Jeppe first started practicing dentistry and opened Owyhee Family Dentistry he thought he was restoring dental health to his patients. But over the years we have learned that a person’s dental health is a gateway to their total health.

Recent studies have shown a relationship between poor dental health and heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even the health of your baby. This is why we’re not only concerned with our patients’ dental health but with their total health as well. This is also why we try to stay on top of innovations and current treatment for dental problems through ongoing training for our whole team.

We Make Dental Care Affordable

Even though we love the relative distance between us here along the Snake River and the high population, frenzied lifestyles of big cities we also know that the uncertainty of changes in healthcare, insurance and ballooning healthcare costs concern all of us. This is why keeping dental care costs affordable and accessible is so important to us and to the families of those we serve.

We Restore more than Beautiful Smiles – We Restore Confidence

As we have practiced dentistry since 1979 we have found an interesting side effect to restoring the health and appearance of our patients’ smiles. We have sat beside our patients when they looked in the mirror after their dental treatment and have seen a new confidence come over them. They become more outgoing, more social and more interested in getting involved with life.

This unexpected benefit of our dental care is what fuels our love for what we do at Owyhee Family Dental. When our patients are no longer self-conscious about the appearance and health of their smiles they become more conscious in reaching out to others. This makes our homes and communities better places to live.

We love improving the health and appearance of the smiles of our friends and patients. But we gain our greatest satisfaction in the relationships and the lives of those we get to serve.

If you aren’t a current patient of ours at Owyhee Family Dental would you please allow us to serve you and your family? Just call us at (208) 337-4383 for a relaxed, attentive appointment.

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