Your First Visit

Your First Visit 

When you arrive at our office our scheduling coordinator, will be waiting for you. If you have downloaded and completed your forms before coming she will receive them from you and ask if you have any questions. This patient information and health history is very important for the treatment of your dental health as well as your overall health. If you have dental health insurance we can help you with the proper forms your policy may require. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Please know that we respect your time and you can generally expect to be seen promptly. Shortly after you arrive one of our dental hygienists will come in to greet you and give you a brief tour of our office so you feel at home.

Your dental health starts with a clean smile

On your initial exam your hygienist will take necessary X-rays of your teeth. These X-rays are generally only taken once a year. They will help Dr. Jeppe see things that can’t be seen in the visual exam, including tooth structure, hidden cavities between teeth and bone strength.

The hygiene portion of your visit is very important as our hygienist carefully cleans your teeth of any deposits concealing the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. She will then floss and polish your teeth, making them feel squeaky clean.

The primary job of your hygienist is to help you prevent unnecessary dental problems before they begin. She will review optimum home dental health habits with you to help you enjoy continued health care at home. Our hygienists love to answer questions, so at any time if you have a question, please ask.

Our comprehensive exam assures your dental health

After your hygiene treatment Dr. Jeppe will see you and give you the most thorough exam you have ever had. All during your exam Dr. Jeppe encourages questions and tells you exactly what he is doing and looking for. We feel the more you know about the health needs of your smile, the better we can work together to assure a lifetime of dental health.

You are in control of your dental health

At the conclusion of your exam Dr. Jeppe will sit down with you and go over the results. If there are dental health concerns he will then outline what is needed to bring your teeth and smile into optimum health, sharing options and recommendations for your acceptance. Remember, you have control over your dental health. We will do all we can to give you the information and recommendations you need to make wise dental health decisions.

When Dr. Jeppe has finished going over your treatment plan with you and after you have had all your questions answered, Mindy will visit with you about fees and financial options. We feel that optimum dental health should be affordable and we have worked hard to provide options that can fit your budget.

We’re grateful for the opportunity of serving you and helping you enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. Our whole goal during your first visit is to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and better informed about your dental health. If you ever have questions please ask. Working together we can awaken “The Power of Your Smile”.


If you are experiencing a dental emergency or have dental pain, please call us right now at

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Thank you for allowing us to brighten your smile … and your day!