About Insurance

About Insurance

With the Affordable Care Act and all the changes in health insurance many people are feeling uncertain about their dental health insurance.

Please know that when it comes to your dental health insurance we’re here to help.  We accept most dental insurance plans.

If you have dental health coverage on your health insurance policy, then you know your policy is a contract between you and your insurance provider.  When you come in for your appointment, bring your insurance information with you.  If you have downloaded a copy of our Patient Information Form you can complete this information at home and just bring it with you.

When you come in we’ll review your policy with you and help estimate your benefits.  We’ll help estimate the co-pay your policy may require, if any, and then further help by filing your claim, along with the necessary paperwork your policy may require, for you.

You are still responsible for the payment for services, but if you have dental health coverage we’ll do all we can to help you receive the full benefits your policy may offer.

If you ever have questions about your particular insurance coverage, simply call us at (208) 337-4383.  We’ll do all we can to help.